Wednesday, February 9, 2011

poor, happy, walkin' around

Been hanging out with Krypto the labradoodle and working for some of the nicest folks I know at Hounds on the Hudson. There are some pretty churches and things around Watervliet and a giant arsenal with armed guards and tanks. Nobody really cares about the arsenal, but they really seem to flock to Ted's Fish Fry. Ted's Fish Fry is smelly, greasy, kind of gross and has terrible service; it doesn't matter much to me because I only went there one time to pick up a fish fry for a giant immobile lady that I was doing odd jobs for. Odd jobs, outside jobs, people jobs, moving around jobs, and feel good jobs are kind of a new thing for me. I had been working retail jobs for faceless, bottomless money pits that super hurt the people working for them. For some reason I didn't figure out how trapped, scared, uncomfortable and yucky retail work made me feel. I was in a management training program! Holy shit! Thank you Terry Coles and Chris Johnson of Staples in Colonie for being so absolutely inept at having me in a management program. Thank you for doing nothing, not filling out the proper paperwork, worrying about keeping your own job with bizarre abstract pressure from somewhere above you, staying where you are, forgetting about me, not following any of the management in training protocol, not sending me to other stores for training, and completely ignoring the management in training program for the entirety of the six months that I had believed I was well on my way to being a "well paid" professional at a greenwashed, oppressive, secretive American company. Thank you Mr. Slow Loris for thinking that it was a good idea to quit my steady job with a regular income and health insurance to work for an old hoarder in a creepy office building. Thank you Larry Cash at OK Copy Valet for your unrealistic expectations, running your business with 1970's sensibility and refusing to change with the rest of the reluctant world; you really gave me the motivation that I needed to quit my American life.
Fuck you world for being so polite while I was wasting so much time and enthusiasm, I'm going to use all of the things you should have said as my mantra. Too much yes! World, you didn't love me enough to be a very good friend and tell me what I needed to hear and I shouldn't have expected you to. You are something that I make for myself and we are going to be great friends from here on.
Let's be poor and happy and make love in the sunshine and the moonshine! Let's get our hands dirty and plunge them into our own joyous, fertile filth! Hey look a pretty tree!

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