Monday, February 21, 2011

Fire at 69 Grand Street (Photos)

Out walking on an adventure. I pass by a house on the other side of Grand Street and notice something that looks like fire in the window. A gentleman runs out and yells "Call 911," and starts breaking windows and I realize it IS a fire in the window. I call 911, police and trucks show up, flames billowing out, a giant cloud of smoke filling the air down the street.

Crazy shit. More pictures after the jump.


  1. Looks like you beat me to this one... Nice photos! By the way, @WTEN sent me.

  2. You're hardier than I am. I live a few blocks away at Swan and Madison, but didn't feel up to braving the wind chill to take pictures.

  3. After I met up with you guys I was present for a convo between the director of Albany county refugee services and a member of the red cross. The red cross said they were giving them 3 nights in a hotel and gift cards to get more stuff, but had nothing on hand. I ran back to my place to get a few pairs of socks and boxer shorts, blankets, towels, a jacket, sweatpants and a couple shirts, i.e. whatever I could carry. After walking up and down the street to try and find them again, I couldn't but talked to Mike. I walked up near the corner across from the blaze and some folks were happy to take the stuff and seemed real grateful. Besides the one who perished, I think everyone else has a place to stay with their other relatives on the street. That being said, I think they definitely still need some help. Tonight for FNB I was going to go knock on some doors since we're getting bags full of bread from BB