Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adventures in Morrowind Part 14 - In Search of Vas


Cosades has decided, in my absence, that we need to get a little more information from the savage natives in this barbaric land. Perhaps they're more friendly than the shut-in basement dwellers of Balmora, but who really knows, right? He gave me 100 gold which should cover the expenses of, like, a day. Maybe it'll even pay all the way on a silt strider.
The money here skeezes me out a little. How much is 100 gold supposed to be? It doesn't buy you anything and it barely covers the silt strider fees to get part way across the island, but everyone keeps acting like it's a lot of money.

This is Ald-ruhn from the left of the silt strider station. That big round thing is all a shell from some giant animal. Scary!

These are guilds, taverns, and the main gate. The architecture here is pretty but I  guess it's made out of dead bugs like everything else in Vvardenfell.

This stuttering creep told me he'd sent an airship up to Solstheim to look for something or another behind the eye of some big snake a dude killed or something. He was not very clear, but it's cool there's airships out there. I want one! He asked if I'd go up and check that out and I was like sure man whatever.

The Ald-ruhn Council Club. I don't know if it's full of Commona Tong but if it is, every man and woman in this building is going to be dead and I'm going to keep my things here. I took a picture to remember when I found my next killing spree. Jeak wondered why I wanted a picture in front of this place and I didn't tell him. Not like he's going to be around long enough to matter anyway.
I found the bar that my boy the Ashlander was in right after this. I went in and asked around.

This fabulous character told me he'd be in the basement reading or else in the back room drinking. Sounds like my kind of mer!

I found this bedroom with books in it. One of them was a collection of Ashlander poems which was boring and gay. This guard came in and harassed me a little bit, but left soon after I complimented him on his helmet. I guess different Dunmer settlements have different kinds of yellow bug armor which is pretty cool. I saw another awesome helmet but that picture comes later so I'll shut up about it now.

Hassour here is the contact I'm looking for. He was in the back room drinking. So much for scholarly pursuits!
"Hey," I said, "Cosades sent me."
"In the Ashlander tribes, it is customary for new arrivals to present the tribal members with gifts relevant to their interests. I, for example, am totally into my background as an Ashlander. I also love poetry."
"So," I said, "I think you're saying you want me to take you out to dinner?"
Hassour narrowed his eyes at me. "If a gift is improper or rude, it is customary for an Ashlander to challenge the gift-giver to brutal hand to hand combat. With the Ashlander armed. And the gift-giver pinned down by two thugs behind you. And on fire."
"So a book of poetry then."
I went back down to his room, waited for everyone to look the other way, and snagged the book of his bed table.
"Here," I told him when I went back, "I found this thing."
"Wow!" he said, "It's exactly what I wanted. Admittedly I already had a copy of this one, but I can give this to a friend or relative and garner more favor for my thriving economic empire."
"Just tell me about the Nerevar so I can leave."
"Not much to tell, really, but I've taken the opportunity of writing up a few notes for you and Cosades about the customs of the Ashlanders which may come in handy if you want to go visit them, especially the group that is big into the Nerevarine cult."
"Oh my god stop talking. I don't want to go see any Ashlanders, I just work for Caius. Peace."
"Death to the oppressor, N'wah."
I left the bar in a worse mood than I went in with.

Hello fancy dancing Redguard lady! She wanted to come on an adventure with me, but Jeak wasn't into it. "Two redguards?" he said, "I feel intimidated enough as is. I'm a bosmer, we're not really that social."
Whatever. Racist.

Fighter's Guild! Maybe there's someone in charge here a little more straightforward than Eydis Red-Eye.
"Shouldn't we be getting back to Cosades?" says Jeak.
"He can wait. Let's make some coin while we're in town. Anyway, I need to get up to Protector rank for the guild."
"Whatever, boss."

Pereius had a job for me. He had heard of my exploits all the way out here and told me that someone had requested my help specifically. A young Dunmer woman had gone out to fight some necromancers at a city called Vas, up near Dagon Fel. It was a ways away and he suggested I charter transport instead of go on foot. He did not ask me to do anything shady besides kill some people. Thanks, guy!

The Fighter's Guild here is prettier and better stocked than Balmora. Apparently it's not just hamlets and Vivec on this island.
Speaking of Vivec, I took a silt strider there, remembering the boat I had seen by the dock near the front gate. It was still there and I started my long journey up the coast toward Dagon Fel.

I stopped briefly in this town, staying on the docks and waiting for the next boatman to come by, but it was a nice few and the buildings are a new and strange organic shape. I want to climb one. :)

Tel Mora is a town full of ladies. I guess there's a Telvanni wizard somewhere in here, too, but I couldn't figure out how to get up. My map says Vos is somewhere around here, to the South a little ways, so I stop in. A lady tells me there's a Corprus something up in her attack and asks if I'm there to kill it. I am, as I am there to kill anything for money, but after this sucker goes down she doesn't pay me! Lame!

These Telvanni guards have pimpass helmets. I gotta get one of them.

Tel Mora from a distance.

According to my map that pig dick looking building over there should be the Necromancer fortress of Vos. Those ships must be bringing in corpses or slaves or skulls or bad weapons for skeletons or endless quivers of enchanted arrows. I gird myself for a fierce fight.
"Are you ready, Jeak? I don't know what we're going to find in there."
Jeak sighs. "I don't think we're going to find anything, Slow, but yeah, I'm ready."
"Great! We'll slip around these ships. They make me nervous and if we can get in without drawing any attention from the crews, so much the better. Can you swim?"
"Can you fight and swim?"
"Too bad, I can see slaughterfish in the water. Time to learn!"

We came up for breath every few minutes, and the slaughterfish floated to the surface leaking blood and guts around us. The gentle splashing of the waves against the sides of the slaver ships provided the staccato beat of our labor as I struggled to haul my heavily armored self through the chopping waves.

And here we are at the Necromancer...  This doesn't look very necromancer-y. This doesn't look necromancer-y at all.
I went into the door and a Dunmer stood there. I drew my blade quickly and he smiled and nodded. "Hello, outlander, welcome to Vos! Can I interest you in my wares?"
I think I made a mistake.

What's Next?

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